Screen share echoes infinite screens in my camera panel

this happens on the latest Firefox web browser. Any ideas how to fix?
doesn’t matter if I’m alone in session or sharing with another person.

It’s a video feedback loop. See this post :

I see the post but there’s still no solution provided.

Ah sorry I had to click that internal link to see discussion. I’ll try to minimize the tab next time.

ok so sure I can minimize the window and simply not look at it but while its doing that, my camera view is not visible while screen sharing. Shouldn’t the group leader still be visible in gallery mode (off to side) along with other participants while we’re looking at the screen share?

To make your camera visible in the same space as the shared screen/app, click again on the camera icon after sharing.
I personally never share the entire screen, I deem it to risky to leak personal information.