Screen share doesn't work a second time on P2P

Just tested this on this morning

When there are only two users in the meeting, when user A shares their screen, user B sees it just fine. However, if user A then stops sharing their screen and starts sharing it again, user B does not see it (nothing appears for user B). At that point, if user B rejoins, he sees the screen share.

We were able to reproduce this consistently (or at least 90% of the time), tried with different browsers (both Brave and Edge).

If there are three users in the meeting, the above does not happen (screen share seems to work correctly), so I imagine this is related to P2P.

:eyes: @jallamsetty

@Shmoop Thanks for the report! I am able to reproduce it if the user is video muted when screen is shared the first time. Debugging the issue still, will have an update once I have a fix for it.


This should be fixed in the master.

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