Screen share - does not work

For some reason the screen share option stopped working at my computer and it stopped working also at some other computers of my colleagues. Other computers with the same internet network in the same building work with screen share just fine.

The button for Share screen is still there but it does nothing - nothing pops up. Is there anyone that knows what could be the cause of this?

Thank you very much!

Hi fatdoggo,

Did you solve this problem in the meantime? How?
I have the same. At the beginning, I was able to share, but then by accident I clicked the wrong button:
When you want to share, a window appears with asking, whetere you want to share “now”, “later” or “never”. Unfortunately I clicked “never”. Since then, this button does not react any more.
Does anyone know, how to undo this?

Welcome to the forum, @fatdoggo

That’s a browser feature. You need to go into the settings in your browser and check the permissions section.