Screen Share: Black screen on firefox -

Black screen-share on firefox browser. Happens on my private setup as well as for 2 users as well as more than 2 users.

  • Chrome user joins with audio/video off
  • Firefox user joins with audio/video off
  • Chrome user starts screen-sharing
  • Firefox user can see the sharing
  • Chrome user stops screen-sharing
  • Chrome user starts screen-sharing again
  • Firefox user sees black tile as below.

@jallamsetty Any idea what might be going wrong? Since, this is happening on

Is it a known issue?

FYI ~ The logs seems to be saying that canplaythrough handler is not called on firefox user the second time screen share started from chrome user.

I see below log line the first time but not second time.

2022-04-15T19:06:23.337Z [modules/RTC/JitsiRemoteTrack.js] <_containerEventHandler>: canplaythrough handler was called for a container with attached RemoteTrack[userID: 16d4f0d8, type: video, ssrc: 3826242196, p2p: false, sourceName: undefined, status: readyState: live, muted: false, enabled: true]

cc @damencho @saghul @Freddie

Looks similar to Firefox - Audio is not working for a second track · Issue #11385 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

@mehtapaxshal Are you able to reproduce the issue with FF version >= 100 ?

Yes… I see the same issue with FF 100.0b7 as well.

@jallamsetty Any idea what might be the issue and possible fix to this?

I have already linked the github issue above, someone from the team will be looking into it. It is a Firefox browser issue that needs to be fixed.

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