Screen share and local camera at the same time

Is it possible to share my screen AND my local camera at the same time,
As I understand, currently, if I share my screen my video is not available on the remote side.
Is there any configuration option for that? If not can anyone guide me to make that change on the source codes.
Thanks in advance

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Hi and welcome to the community forum.

This feature is currently not available, but we have it on our roadmap. Currently there is a workaround, by sharing screen in one tab and enter in a second tab for the video, you just need to pass parameter in the second url: “#config.startSilent=true”, so if you are entering a room named damencho it will be

@damencho Thanks a lot! That workaround would work in my case. I can also change the other configuration options via URL parameters I think, like (preferred) resolution right?

One another question, is it possible to add a parameter to the URL to start the screen sharing immediately after connection? I mean entering the site in screen sharing mode (opening the screen share popup) not directly sharing the user’s screen of course.

Most of them yes, but for the resolution you need the constraints config constraints: { video: {

Check the source code of config.js, we keep it up to date: