Screen recording using lib-jitsi-meet & Jibri

I am passing the same as you suggest

and also I am trying with some static text but still facing the same error

Looks like lib-jitsi-meet expects the appData already JSON encoded, so you can do e.g. JSON.stringify({participants: participantsArray})

@jbg ok good one let me try with this scenario

Note that if this is deserializing directly into jibri/JibriService.kt at master · jitsi/jibri · GitHub — which I think it is — then you probably need to nest your object inside that file_recording_metadata field. So in full it would be:

{file_recording_metadata: {participants: participantsArray}}

Also note that Jibri itself already puts a participants key in the metadata file, but I think it only contains information about JWT-authenticated participants. You may want to name your key something else.

@jbg ok but this JSON.stringify({participants: participantsArray}) solution works for me but in the metadata.json file participant array is black

and also let me try with this
{file_recording_metadata: {participants: participantsArray}}

You should probably name your field something else since Jibri adds its own participants field. And wrapping it within file_recording_metadata is needed, no other fields are deserialized into AppData (see link above).


as per your reply
I think I understood correctly
Jibri adds its own field that is called participants in metadata.json file.
am I right?
if I need to add my participant’s info then
I have to give some unique naming conversion

am I right

if I am wrong then pls correct me

Yes, Jibri adds a participants field to the metadata. IIRC it only contains info about JWT-authed participants.

If you call your field the same, one will overwrite the other. Off the top of my head I don’t know which will overwrite which. You would be best to just name your field something else.

@jbg I am trying with another name but metadata.json does not have any changes

metadata.json displayed only participants empty array field

Share your code, and Jibri logs.

here is the code
appData: {
file_recording_metadata: { participantsInfo: participantsArray },
and I am also trying with JSON.stringfy but facing the same error

and same Jibri log in the above image

You need to JSON.stringify the whole appData object as discussed above. Please show the code when you do that, if it still doesn’t work.

@jbg it’s working man thank’s a lot :heart:

@jbg if I stop the screen recording into my conference room my Jibri server is hanged and the Jibri guest user is not removed from my conference room and also my finalized script is not started
so I can’t figure out this stuck can you please help me what is the actual issue