Screen Recording using Jibri


I have developed a collaboration drawing board using JITSI and its data channel functionality. Drawing board has participants audio/video as well. After going through Jibri setup and other tutorials available around, I understood, it can do meeting recording, but I’m not sure how it will help me in recording the canvas which I have creating in a separate

and has nothing to do with any audio/video streams.

Is there anyone who can suggest me how I can record my canvas screen using Jibri?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hello mcmohd
i have question do you have guide how you developed your new feature
i want to do same for another feature

Hi Safwan,

Its simple…
I’m using canvas to draw the object and then capturing it as a JSON which I’m sending to other peers using SendMessage() API and rendering JSON on peers screens.

from where you got sendmessage function ?

Sorry its sendTextMessage(text) - sends the given string to other participants in the conference.

can you replace the screen with your drawing board ?

I did not understand what do you mean by replacing screen with drawing board??

My question was related to how to record drawing board, if you have some issue then I will suggest you to post it clearly.