Screen clipping

Got an issue regarding how some photos are displayed when shared…

Specifically, I am using a photography contest program called PhotoContestPro (for many, many years) and when sharing my screen if there are any images that span completely from the top to bottom of my computer screen the images viewed by participants are clipped due to the header/footer bars.

For comparison, Zoom does not have this problem, whereas Google Meet does and GoToMeeting only clips the bottom if the screen, (I’ve tried nine different conferencing systems and only Teamviewer (too clunky) and Zoom (would prefer not to use) have NOT clipped some part of vertically-displayed images.)

In every case, if there are header and footer regions within the programs they clip the images. It’s extremely unhelpful during contests where images are being judged and scored for competition.

Is there any way around this? Can this be fixed in the Jitsi code?

I have an 8x8 Pro account and the issue happens when initiating a meeting via my 8x8 account or straight from the free site.

I can provide screenshots if that helps.

I appreciate the feedback and I’m really hoping I do not have to resort to a paid Zoom account for what amounts to 10 photo competitions a year.