Screen black and no access

I have installed Jitsi on a VPS and Debian 10.
I followed a configuration that I consider standard.
Being a server on the Internet I have defined users with prosodyctl register.

  1. I organize a meeting,
  2. Jitsi asks me to log in. Done!
  3. FellowJister is displayed at the top right (Shouldn’t I see my username?)
  4. I send invitations (1 PC and 2 Smartphones)
  5. I am always alone in the room.
  6. The user on the PC has logged in, but he too remains alone in the room and is marked as a FellowJister
  7. Users on the smartphone authenticate themselves and are left with the black screen and a wheel that keeps spinning.
  8. On the two PCs we set the video in Low Resolution (on the PC screen, however, we do not see any difference)
  9. The BMON server terminal displays too little traffic to come from the videoconference.

How can I diagnose the problem?

Make sure you have port 10000 UDP open and properly forwarded. Make sure there’s no firewall blocking your connection. If you’ve confirmed all that is fine, then check the Advanced section of the Quick Install Guide.


I used the official guide, the same one reported by @Freddie and I checked everything several times.
Obviously also the “Advanced” section.
The VPS firewall only opens ports, there is no need for a Forward and I also tried disabling UFW.

The script stops because 8GB of RAM is needed.
My VPS only has 2GB, as is also reported in the documentation.
I have very few people to connect.

What is TURN_Host?
I’ve an only server
==== Update
OK, I’ve read your other post.
I have the domain vc.mydomain.tld.
I have limited myself to creating a cname “turn” that always points to vc.mydomain.tld
It’s correct?

How can I create users now?
With prosodyctl register username I get the error “Account creation / modification not supported.”
And and I use the script for school, how do users create them?
I see that the script has created me a UserID and an App Secret Key. I see there are also two payload sample tokens, but I did not understand where and how to use all this

For this test I took an 8GB VPS.
2GB can’t really be used?
And with 8GB how many users can I connect?


The school installer installs a system with a token authentication system. In this mode, users use a tokenized link to connect to a meeting room. You should create this token manually or you should integrate it to your login panel if already exists.

This is a sample PHP script which creates a token.

At least 8 GB needed for default config. You should change the defaults if you have less memory. Decrease the max memory in /etc/jitsi/jicofo/config and /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config if this is the case

Instead, with your “standard script” how I can create users?

First you should change the authentication mode to internal_hashed
Then create user

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I’ll test everything tomorrow.
For the moment, thank you for your help.

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