Schedule video calls with our RocketChat integration

Hi we also have a Jitsi server set up and integrated with our Rocketchat server, so our users create Jitsi calls as either direct messages or within a channel. At this stage i have only found the ability to initiate a call ‘now’, which opens the video call and if i close the video call, no one can access that call any more.

What we would ideally be able to do is somehow through API? schedule a video call on a specific date and time and enter that video call link in an event post on our site associated with a channel.

I also noticed that Jitsi has some kind on integration to sync scheduled calls with google or microsoft calendar, (ideally also ics for others) and wondered how this works for our Jitsi server?

Thanks in advance,

Actually further to the above, what would be useful is that inside RocketChat when we initiate the video call we could have an option to schedule it?

Scheduling with calendar just creates a calendar event for a certain date with a random generated link nothing to schedule in advance in the system as it is stateless.