Schedule rooms


I have completed ,Jitsi server installtion as per quick installation guide.

I want to know ,Can we scheduled room creation automatically without moderator involvement. ?

It’s not clear what you want to achieve. Rooms are created automatically without moderator involvement in default setup.

I was enabled Jitsi-meet authentication provision in hosted server.So no one can create room.

Actually ,I want to schedule daily 8:00 AM Meeting .
I am moderator,but i dont want to involve in daily schedule meeting everyday .
So , I want to do automation in such way .So daily 8:00AM meeting will create with specific name(Example -AMmeeting) on our hosted Jitsi-meet server .

1)I can use bash shell to schedule in cron job.
2)i can use curl command with bash shell script to execute.(I will keep prosodyc Username and password in script for execution purpose).

But , I am not getting any clue for Jitsi-meet execution method to create room

My Goal:
if I am not online over internet , than also Meeting should automatically get schedule to 8:00 AM and room should created of name " AMMeeting: daily for other members.

That really isn’t necessary. As soon as anyone from your team opens the specific URL, the room is created on the fly. There is no need to pre-create it.

Thanks for response time.

I want to kept authorization on hosted server for room creation and i am succeeded too, with Jitsi community support .

I am searching for some tweak to do automation.

Let me see if I understand your correctly
You are the only user authenticated
Hence the other member of your organization should not have moderator rights (stay anonymous)
You don’t want to create the room every morning yourself
you want the room to be closed after the last non authenticated user exits (or maybe your want a hard time limit ?)
you probably have to have some randomness in the room name else anyone could join if the server URL becomes known (or maybe you prefer the room to be protected by a password ?) . In any case the bot should be able to get/set from the room properties and send an email (?) to the people getting in the room to be able to connect safely and outsiders be unlikely to succeed

Unfortunately I have no quick hack for this use case :slight_smile:

What I’d do in your place is to check out the jibri precusor that was done in python (why python ? because a quick hack is more likely to be done fast than dealing with building a java app), it will very probably be outdated but it could be the basis to find out how to connect to a room as a bot. That’s just the advice of someone having never written a line of software related to jitsi-meet, mind. Good luck.

Thanks for Advice,
I will proceed with your suggestion.

I have done schedule meeting provision with combination of Jitsi API , Bash script ,Mozilla firefox and crontab.Thanks