Schedule a meeting

Its posible create pending room / booking or schedule a meeting in a specific time?


This is not currently a feature supported by Jitsi Meet out of the box, but could be added if you are hosting your own server and some development experience.

Your options are:

Hope this helps!

If you have self hosted Jitsi meet server (GUI server) ,Than you can use custome API to lauch meeting on schedule time (As per cron job config).I have done it for daily meeting.
It’s combination of Jitsi API , Bash script ,Mozilla firefox and crontab.

can you post a sample of this, Aakash?


Sure , I got idea to initiate schedule meeting from have read multiple posts and created a few scripts to accomplish our requirement ,I am sharing same with you and others too
Scenario :
Requirement: Need to initiate meeting on daily basis or on demand schedule.
Example meeting id: dailyjitsimeet
Schedule: 10:00 AM (Daily)
Automation Note: admin should start meeting and stay in meeting for 10 mins after admin has to hangup from meeting,Meeting should continue with other participants (users)

Steps to accomplish daily schedule meeting
1)Create diailyjitsimeet.html

<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8">
<script src="https://your.jitsimeet.server/external_api.js"></script>
var domain = "your.jitsimeet.server";
var options = { roomName: "dailyjitsimeet", parentNode: undefined,configOverwrite: {}, }
var api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);
var myvar0 = setTimeout(setusrname, 3000);
function setusrname() {
api.executeCommand('displayName', 'Admin'); }
var myvar1 = setTimeout(hangup, 600000);
function hangup() {
api.executeCommand('hangup'); window.close(); }
  1. Create meet.html (blank file)

  2. create (with execution right)
    echo > /home/ubuntu_user/scripts/meet.html
    cat /home/ubunu_user/scripts/dailyjitsimeet.html >> /home/ubunu_user/scripts/meet.html
    export DISPLAY=:0 && firefox --new-window /home/ubunu_user/scripts/meet.html

  3. Set a cron job

    55 9 * * * /home/ubuntu_user/scripts/

  4. set local storage value in Mozilla firefox
    xmpp_username_override admin@your.jitsimeet.server
    xmpp_password_override password

Automation workflow :

  1. will execute daily with conjob on 09:55 am.
  2. script copy content of dailyjitsimeet.html to meet.html and process meet.html with firefox.
    Q. Why require meet.html ?
    A. If we process dailyjitsimeet.html direct than first time firefox browser ask permision for audio and video.I have several meeting which need to schedule daily or one time with defferent meeting ids.So i kept single meet.html for firefox.
  3. Meeting will initiate with meeting id dailyjitsimeet 5mins prior to schedule meeting and admin stay in meeting till next 5 mins.
  4. In total 10 mins interval users will connect meeting as per feature of jitsi meet once last user disconnects from meeting ,room will close automatically.

We can do many automization with bash script or any other scripting tool
1)Can create a bash file which creates meetin_id.html and by single input.This will become helpful for multiple meeting scheduling tasks.
2) Can sent email to participants after meeting schedule in cronjob.

I hope the above provided information becomes helpful for you and others too.

If I’m following the logic, you’re actually creating the meeting on a server OTHER than your jitsi server by simply opening a meeting as an admin from a machine. You’re not creating the meeting from inside the self-hosted jitsi server as a cron job. Correct?

I don’t think any of my linux machines actually have a gui running.

Thanks for the input.


We have self hosted Jitsi server with GUI (Gnome),I am creating meeting from inside the self hosted jitsi server .Cron job creating meeting with help of bash script.


  • If you do not have linux machin with GUI.You can use firefox command with firefox options " --headless" to initiate meeting room.
  • You can create meeting from inside the self hosted jitsi server as well as from outside the server too,basically lauching meeting task to self hosted jitsi server acomplished by external API.