Scheduale meeting with a permanent link

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i am wondering about the possibility to schedule meetings in advance (5 or 6 days before ) with a permanent link and share it with all the participants via email .

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Just pick a unique room name (e.g. generate uuid, such as E71BA408-3F08-471C-B7E5-164C3C6587DB), and send that out as the room name (e.g. — the chances of someone else using that room name are very, very low.

Share it by whatever means you normally use — a calendar invitation, for example.

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fu4D47’s solution did work ?
From other threads I’ve seen that even if you set a weird name, in the moment you leave jitsi, all rooms and settings and password disappear …

Yes, meeting room names and passwords do not persist in Jitsi. But as already advised, if you use a UUID, chances of anyone else using that same meeting name before you and claiming the room are almost slim-to-none.

Thank you Freddie.
But my qyestion is slightly different:
1 - day 1: I set a room with a very weird name,
2 - day 1: I generate the invitation link to be sent to others,
3 - day 1: I quit Jitsi & close browser,
4 - day 3: two days later I click on the same link I sent around two days before: would I create a room with the same link ?
5 - on day 3, partners would be able to join the meeting clicking on the link they received on day 1?

Yes, the answer is still the same. The room becomes active once you click the link and if no one else has chosen the same name (hence the same link), then you have ‘ownership’. That’s why it’s suggested that you use a complex mix of characters (letters and numbers) so it’s unlikely anyone else could choose the same meeting name and beat you to it.

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