Scalling Jitsi meet with EC2 autoscaling group and ELB

Hello, I’m currently trying to configure Jitsi meet with EC2 auto scaler but unable to do so.
Steps I follow to do the same:

  1. Initially, I configured jitsi meet on solo EC2 instance following this link “” which worked fine.
  2. I created AMI for the above EC2 instance for future use.
  3. Create an auto-scaling group using above ec2 jitsi meet image and create the classic load balancer for the same.
    Now Jitsi meet on auto-scaling instances is configured with mydomain domain attached to load balancer DNS using route 53, which is not working.
    If I am trying to attach auto-scaling instance IP to domain mydomain it is working fine but as you know instance IP keeps changing while scaling in/out hence it is not possible to use instance IP.
    Also, while attaching ELB to the domain I used an alias of A type that is not working.
    When I try to curl the domain it shows 301 moved permanently error.
    nslookup shows the name and address of the domain properly.
    and IP works properly but DNS not working.
    Please help!

Hi Raghu,
I am also looking for same setup, Did you find any way to do this.
Please help me
Thank you

Hi guys! I was able to do this, using just AWS Fargate and an elastic load balancer.
i was also able to do it using EC2, but I think fargate is more stable.

I used 4 aws fargate instances

  • web
  • jicofo
  • prosody
  • jvb


I am trying to setup a similar solution using Fargate. I have couple doubts.
a. Are you using single network load balancer for Web front end and Jvb instances (443/tcp & 10000/udp) ?
b. How do you make changes to prosody and jvb configuration during autoscaling? using custom scripts or by using custom docker images?

Any guidance or help is highly appriciated.

Thanks & Regards