Scaling Videobridges in Kubernetes and Load Testing with Jitsi Meet Torture

Hey everyone, I am working with a group of other summer software interns for a small startup. We have been looking into how to scale in Kubernetes. Currently, we have our jicofo, prosody, and web containers all in one jitsi deployment, and we have our jvb in a stateful set with a HPA that scales when CPU utilization reaches 50%.

After looking around the internet and this forum for a while, I know that the current and up to date version of load testing Jitsi is Jitsi Meet Torture, and I was wondering whether people with any experience with this used a service, or ran this test with a Selenium Grid on their own system. For example, I saw on another post that when someone ran it on their own PC, they were only able to get to 9 participants streaming audio on a meeting before it overloaded their Grid/PC. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Yes, to do load testing we spin up a Selenium grid with a lot of nodes and each node is running one chrome. And we are using this test for that
Mind that if you want to test video, you cannot overload the selenium nodes as they will start sending lower resolution. You better monitor the nodes bandwidth and see that they ramp up and do not go low on bandwidth …

Are there any restrictions to how many users we can use on our system? From my understanding, being on Jitsi comes with high CPU utilization on the clients end, and would stress testing come with any restrictions.
Thanks for the help.

Well it depends on the number of bridges, network, machines used for bridges …