Scaling only Jitsi Meet, no need for JVB. Questions!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how scaling Jitsi would work and what the limitations are if we only need to have meetings with no recording or streaming functionality.

I’m working on deploying to AWS, but I can’t seem to find any tutorials (unless I’m mistaken) that may help me understand what’s required around scaling just the meet server. I am just hoping to find some high level pointing in the right direction here, I can figure out the specifics.

And I’m trying to understand what the limits here may be. If we are just simply creating Jitsi meetings, wouldn’t the server itself not have to do very much (since the meetings themselves are not running on the server) and be able to scale to a very large number of meetings? If we take a, say M5 Large EC2 instance, what can we anticipate the meeting limit be, if any?

Sorry for some very basic questions, I’m just struggling to separate a few concepts in my head. I thought if the calls are all using webrtc and w,e aren’t using a video bridge, the server’s job is very simple.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!,

What do you mean no need of JVB?
A shard we call one signalling node (C5.xlarge or C5.2xlarge for which runs nginx, prosody and jicofo and multiple jvbs in autosacaling group.
This you can see it in the videos
One such signalling node can handle a lot of clients … I would say 4-5 thousand at least, where it can go up to 8-10 thousand … but I can be wrong here with the numbers …