Scaling Jitsi with upto 500 concurrent users

Hi Guys,

I’m looking to host jitsi with up to 500 users concurrent as the title says. I’m planning on using optimized settings but still want to provide a 720p video stream. Do you think a single dedicated server could handle this? What to I need to lookout for ? CPUs Cores and Internet connection? Or am I better of with a AWS auto scaling solution? I found a old tutorial, does someone know if it still works? I would prefere a single server though. Ive found very different claims on the performance of jitsi with various claims. Of course it really hard to simulate or benchmark jitsi so maybe someone of the team could share some insights? Would help me out a lot. Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

Welcome to the forum.

For 500 concurrent users, you need multiple JVBs in a load-balanced environment. Depending on the percentage of that number you expect will be showing video, the number of JVBs you need will vary. While it is technically possible to have everything on one super-spec server (by breaking it into several VMs), it’s probably not advisable. One of the intrinsic benefits of multiple JVBs is that if something happens to one, another one can step in. But if all your JVBs are on VMs on the same machine, then if anything happens to that machine, you’re completely out of luck.

Besides all this, the single, most important resource you need for Jitsi is bandwidth. At 720p resolution, expect each participant streaming video to need about 2.5MB upload bandwidth and an even higher number for the download (depending on the number of people on the specific call). Just know that this is really where your greatest demand lies.