Scaling Jitsi Meet on ECS

I was wondering if anyone had experience with deploying Jitsi Meet on AWS ECS? Was wanting to try to use Fargate to create Meet redundant instances with JVB2 autoscaling as needed. The other option is the Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). Basically want to have highly available at all times but optimize costs when the load is low.

Is it possible to leverage Spot instances for some services?

Can an ELB be leveraged to have redundant Meet front-ends for redundancy?

Thanks for any insights.

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I’m also interested in deploying Jitsi Meet on ECS/Fargate. I’m working on doing so now. I’ll report my findings back here and would appreciate if someone else has experience learning yours.


Hello DWU have you had any luck deploying Jitsi on Amazon ECS ?


I am also trying to get Jitsi stood up on ECS, and would love to know if anyone else has had any luck.