Scaling in NAT environment

I want to add more video bridges to my setup. My Jitsi server is located in a firewall DMZ and incoming TCP 443 request are handled by haproxy with TLS termination. UDP 10000 traffic is routed directly to the Jitsi server.


I know how to setup a video bridge and how to connect it to the server by joining the corresponding Prosdy MUC.

How to configure my firewall and haproxy to get a load balancing setup for my video bridges?

Not sure if this setup can work. AFAIK every videobridge needs a public IP open for udp10000.
Unless you have some “real” loadbalancer in place. “My” f5 BigIP could handle it, but I’m sure there are other solutions out there, too.
Just watch out for persistency, i.e. that the same stream is kept on the same destination IP throughout the whole session…

EDIT: … and have a look at :slight_smile:

Thanks, I know most of these posts and non is really helpful. I’ve read that with TURN UDP 10000 is not required but I don’t have any clue about how to set this up. Documentation (ok there is no real documentation sadly) and community posts offer only a few fragments of what is required and what has to be configured in detail.