Scaling docker Jitsi architecture

I’m planning to scale the jitsi architecture using docker. Currently I’m running 4 Jvb's using Octo SplitBridge selection strategy. Now I want to scale it more.

Let’s say I want to add 25 Jvb’s. Do, I need to scale Jicofo, prosody and web too? If yes then Is there any number like for X number of Jvb's, I need Y number of Jicofo, prosody and web.

If I scale Jicofo then Is it going to be a mesh network like every jicofo is talking to each other or every jicofo is going to be an individual setup.

@creativeguitar Can you please suggest?

I wish I could help here. I am planning to grow my environment to 50 or so jvbs per region but I haven’t done it yet.
Post your progress here so we can learn!

@creativeguitar We are also working on scalling our env, but actually our target market is only one country as of know.

We also have some available space in our nodes at Helsinki and Singapur. Let us know if you need some VPS or we offer you one free in the regard of helping community.