Scaling, better understanding

Hi there,

I would like to install jitsi meet with a “loadbalancing” enable feature like describe in this video :

What i’m wondering is if all JVB instance need to be “publicaly available”, like if they needed to be reachable by “us” or if i can use “containers” to launch multiple jvb instance, on a private network, and let only “jitsi meet” application available on a public adresse.

In this picture i would create a private network only for JVB and use PubSub to Prosody on the private network interface of the Meet Instance. Then Jicofo would read on Prosody to get the different JVB instance and when a knew metting is starting the more relevant JVB would be use.

I don’t know if it’s enough clear to understand what i need.
Thanks for your help

Every jvb needs a public ip on which can be reached by clients on port udp 10000. You can play with different ports per jvb to spare ip-address, but need to make sure that has enough bandwidth.

Hi damencho,

Thanks for these explanation. So, the most important part of jvb, from outside, is the connection to udp/10000.

I will try to scale my cluster using multiple UDP Port.

Thanks a lot