Scaling and setting up the jitsi on our own digital ocean servers - issues

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we have implemented jitsi into our Saas marketplace hoping to offer stable and secure online connection for our B2B customers and their clients, we use digitalocean as our own server where the jitsi is running, however, we have issues, with stable connection of jitsi… our goals are to hoste 1000 and later 1000s users connected at once… please can you direct me to some success stories who are using jitsi securly with stable user experience - when it comes to our server scaling settings and optimizations?

ideal if you have already experience with digitalocean settings?

Thank you so much, our startup depends much on the quality and experience of jitsi.

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Do you plan to host 1000 concurrent participants in a single room or multiple meeting rooms? There are some limits for the number of participants in a room (~100)

Hi:) multiple rooms, 1000 + participants at the same time, and possibly more in future… but the firs impressionand experience has to be perfect, so we can build and scale more of course…and we had trouble preparing server and jitsi in this way :frowning:

We do not have yet any limits per room, eventually we will do so, but now we want to open it up for as many early adopters as possible… each have 1-100, or 150/200 participants per room, and each rooms runs either at similar time or different times as the schedule of trainers and therapists and their clients is differenet.

AFAIK DigitalOcean has not a built-in auto-scaling mechanism . So the challenging part will be to build your own auto-scaling system using DO API.

I want to avoide the usuall issues users can experience:

  • jitsi is kicking them out from the room “reconnecting error message”
  • or what we experienced is if user on the other side has worse connection it effects the other receiver as well and the signal is going up and down and the overall quality of video and voice is just terrible… even if our servers are set to quite big capaicty for the first testing rounds:

Snímka obrazovky 2021-03-15 o 19.20.29

aha…ok, I will give this info to my development team, and are there any guidelines what basic parameters can we influence on digital ocean to secure reliable experience for users?

We are doing first tests, we only 50+ users, to see what are the basic settings we need to cover on digital ocean, but I am afraid we struggle also here… and I didnt find any useful guide what needs to be managed/set on your own server to ensure quality connections…

Probably these are related with miss configured JVBs. Do you have only one JMS or do you have multiple additional JVBs?

4 cores / 8 GB RAM is the minimum spec

I will connect my developer to the conversation as my technical knowledge is here ending :smiley: I am product owner and creator of the product, looking for answers how to really make the best experience of jitsi :slight_smile: I will share your points with him and get back to you:) thank you so much for the immediate help , I really appreciate it, as I feel like it is so hard to get the it right without a good information base… we do not have time honestly to loose on finding the correct setting, I mean it is require and we will always do optimalization, but I believe we are not the first who tried to solve these issues, and make the customer server settings with jitsi run well.

And the community is very helpful but it is a bit difficult to find the answers as a proper doc

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I will try to get more exact numbers and settings we are testing…

By JMS - you mean jitsi meet services?

4 cores / 8 GB RAM is minimum spec for what performance according to your experience?

We have only 1 JVB, is is not suffiecient? We need 1000s users in various rooms at the same time, to use our jitsi…:frowning:

For own customers who have similar load (~1000 max participants) we use 4 core / 8 GB at least for JMS but no running JVB on it and they are additional JVBs with 4 cores / 8 RAM.

The number of JVBs changes according to the load.

I think 8 cores / 8 GB RAM will be OK for a standalone server which has max 100 concurrent participants

What’s the value of LastN that you are using for 100 participants?

hello @metadata,

If you ask me, I set channelLastN to 2 in most cases. Some customers demand more active videos but the highest value I’ve ever used is 6

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