Scale JVB inside Docker Swarm

I’m using a docker swarm setup and running every service on different VM. I tried scaling JVB using command docker service scale jvb=2. Below are my observations:-

  1. first I started JVB with a single container(calling it jvb1).
  2. I started the meeting with 6 users.
  3. then I replicate JVB to 2 containers(jvb1 and jvb2) running on separate VM(added a constraint to avoid running it on same VM. this is available in version: '3.8')
            max_replicas_per_node: 1
  1. I killed the jvb1 during the meeting and it didn’t affect the meeting for most of the users. only one guy reported that screen went black for less than a second.
  2. In the console logs, I have noticed some errors like no channel found but It didn’t affect the meeting.

Also Saghul answered it in the today’s call that creating replica’s of jvb not gonna do load balancing for a single conference. for this, we have to use Octo. So, creating replicas only gonna ensures availability not load balancing.

Please share your thoughts.