Scalability of Jitsi Meet

I want to be able to have Jitsi setup for my organization to be an alternative for Zoom. I want this to be scalable to about 1000 users.

I have been reading the posts here and I believe that the Yoga Class use case without the Audio/Video for everyone would scale to up to ~200 users.

I am trying to understand if the limit is in terms of a particular host hosting JVB is limiting the scalability or is it that no matter how many servers I have for JVB and Jitsi-meet, the max I users I can achieve with everyone having audio/video enabled is ~35-40 users?

In other words , is it JVB limiting the user scalablity or the jitsi architecture itself which is limiting the scalability?

I am also following the performance tuning post, but would like to understand from the Jitsi developers where is the issue with scalability so that I can start looking tuning or tweaking Jitsi for my organization?

Would also be interested on this/general scalability of Jitsi, would appreciate some info.

Specifically, to how big have a Jitsi instance been scaled to, with how many videobridges? Or any estimates of that would also be interesting.