Scalability and Multiple Simultaneous Users?

Hi there. I’m a complete noob to this whole thing and jitsi as well. I’m working with a developer on creating a custom webconferencing platform and I’m wondering if jitsi can…

  1. Allow multiple users to be on mic. simultaneously.
  2. Allow multiple audio streams in “breakout rooms”. For instance, within a webconferencing session, have say… 10 different rooms and in each room 2 or 3 people are on mic. at the same time.
  3. Scale up/down automatically to accommodate new users that join/leave the session.


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Everyone can open let’s say open 10 tabs/ 10 meetings, and just unmute on few of them and talk at the same time in those…

Scaling is handled in various ways, there are few youtube videos you can check about scaling and multiple bridges …