[sc-gsoc-students] The end of the mid-term GSoC evaluations


Hey all,

I am happy to announce that the mid-term GSoC evaluations have completed
without a single failure!

We are very happy with the students we have this year so I wanted to
thank you all (mentors and students) for participating in the program
and for the work you have completed so far.

In addition to simply working on their own projects many of the GSoC
students have are often participating in discussions on dev and helping
other students or SIP Communicator users resolve their problems. This is
the whole point about open source and the fact that you guys are
adopting the spirit makes me really very happy!

I also wanted to thank all the developers that are not directly involved
in the program but that have helped students in their projects. Thanks a
lot guys, you are making me feel really proud of our community!

We now have the second part of GSoC left to finish so I wish all
students good luck in finalizing their projects. Quite naturally the
authors of the most successful projects will be proposed and voted for
regular SIP Communicator developers so I hope that many of you are going
to join the team on a longer term.



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