Saving audio/video streams on jvb - no jibri

I’m running my own jitsi-meet instance (I installed via docker), and I set it up so that every call goes through my server.
I’m looking for a way to have it save the audio/video streams as it relays them.
Is there a way for jvb to directly output them to one or more file(s)?

A less ideal, but still probably workable solution would be for jitsi-meet to save decryption keys somewhere (akin to what SSLKEYLOGFILE does) so that it’s possible to capture the traffic and reconstruct the streams later.

I’ve read there’s an option to save a pcap file from jvb but I was not able to make it work; I added some lines as described in Capturing packets in JVB but it seems not to have any effect, at least on my docker install (I’ve put them in ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/jvb/

That information on recording a PCAP is out of date for JVB2. I can give you new information on how to capture unencrypted PCAPs from your server, but is that really what you want?

You can implement an ObserverNode and inject it into the receiver pipeline near where the pcap node is and do whatever you want with unencrypted RTP data there.

EDIT: Keep in mind, writing that data to disk in the context of the RX pipeline packet thread would be a bad idea for performance.

Thanks bbaldino, I guess that was the reason for the config not having any effect.
Were you referring to another way to capture pcap? If so, which is it?

Performance should not be a major issue in my setup as the number of concurrent calls on my instance would be low.

You can see new instructions for enabling pcap capture here. But this is really intended as a debug feature. If you’re looking to productionize recording on the JVB, you’ll want something more appropriate (e.g. implementing an observer node in the pipeline like I described).

I see. Which would be the file where to put jmt.debug.pcap.enabled=true in a docker install (as there is no /etc/jitsi/videobridge/jvb.conf)? I tried to put it in .jitsi-meet-cfg/jvb/ but I still get “PCAP capture is disabled in configuration”.

And also, the page states the file will be saved in /tmp - is this inside the container? Can it be saved elsewhere?

Oh, I’m not sure the state of the JVB container, it’s basically still beta afaik and it may not support the new config file. I have plans to talk with another dev about the JVB container next week.

I have the same problem, is it solved?

Hi,I know how to modify it.
In my case, the jvb project depends on jitsi-media-transform-1.0-164-g031788f.jar, located in sub directory “lib”, use “vim” to modify it, like:
vim jitsi-media-transform-1.0-164-g031788f.jar
then select the config file “reference.conf”, enter, scroll to the bottem,
change “pcap.enable” to “true”.

debug {
pcap {


And with this tool video_replay from webrtc []
I finally succeed to record each partician’s video, currently into pcap files, and replay it.