Save Recordings in jitsi meet jibri

I have configured the Jitsi-Meet, Jicofo, Prosody and Jitsi-videobridge2. And also configured the Jibri with Jitsi-Meet. I have checked that it working fine, it records the video fine but the issue is it doesn’t save the recorded video in directory.

I have also done this :

Make a directory to store recordings and set its permissions appropriately:

mkdir /recordingschown jibri:jibri /recordings

Configure Jibri:

nano /etc/jitsi/jibri/config.json

Here is the code :

jibri {
api {
xmpp {
environments = [
name = “
recording_directory = “/recordings”
xmpp-server-hosts = [“”]
xmpp-domain = “
control-login {
domain = “
username = “jibri”
password = “jibriauthpass”
port = 5222
control-muc {
domain = “
room-name = “JibriBrewery”
nickname = “myjibri-1-2-3-4”
call-login {
domain = “
username = “recorder”
password = “jibrirecorderpass”
strip-from-room-domain = “conference.”
trust-all-xmpp-certs = true
usage-timeout = “0”
recording {
finalize-script = “/path/to/your/finalize/”
chrome {
flags = [

Please guide me how can i save the video in directory.

How did you check it?

What is the output on jibri while the recording is started

ps auxww | grep ffmpeg

The output on jibri while recording is

ps auxww | grep ffmpeg

It gives me this

root 8624 0.0 0.1 7004 2272 pts/1 S+ 16:46 0:00 grep --color=auto ffmpeg

This means that jibri doesn’t work because it cannot connect to JMS through TCP/5222.

Then what’s the solution for this. How can I connect the jibri to JMS and through what port ?

Jitsi’s TCP/5222 must be open/accessible for jibri

I have opened/accessible the 5222/tcp port for jibri and now i have got the logs of jibri while recording.

What guide did you follow to install Jibri? Config.json has been deprecated, you should be using jibri.conf. And why all those Chrome flags?

Also, it’s best to either attach (preferably) or paste your complete logs; screenshots of logs are hard to read and often incomplete.

I’m using the latest guide to install Jibri. I’m using jibri.conf file GitHub - jitsi/jibri: Jitsi BRoadcasting Infrastructure