Save jwt token

Hey, since I can not get ldap working I created a little NodeJS script to create jwt tokens from ldap login data. This works fine when I use a url parameter (?jwt=) but can I save this token in the local storage or in the cookies under some key so that jitsi automatically restores the login? By now I have to insert the token on every new opened page in the url params what is absolutely annoying.
I also tried “features/base/jwt” in localstorage (because of this thread Don't track JWT token at param and browser history) but it didn’t work.
Is there a way for that?

Hi again. Please, try to read my example from that answer. Redux action setJWT works fine and set the JWT to the redux store, decode the token at client side with base64 and set username and other basic user profile info, next token itself goes with the connection to the server side.