Save all chat messages including private message on the server

Hello, we are using lib-jitsi-meet and own jitsi server and JWT for authentication.
Is there a way to save the whole chat history from a conference (including the private messages).
So for example if a user enters a conference, someone write him a private message, then the user leave the room, close his browser, then open it again and enter the room again to receive that message again ?

I have been told to check if there is a way to add a user in another MUC room, but I cant find any info about that.

Hi @JuniNewbie, Jitsi Meet is using XMPP for messaging. Chances are you’ve installed the Debian package which depends on the Prosody XMPP server, and so that’s where you should look. I see there’s a module for that already mod_message_logging - Prosody Community Modules (I haven’t tried it myself and you may need to customize it to suit your needs).