Sample/Showcase config and some admin scripts :)

Over the last few weeks I configured a Jitsi-Meet Setup on a small Ubuntu-VM capable of managing a bunch of users per conference.
The VM sits behind NAT (4vCPU, 8GB RAM, 20GB HDD).
The Jitsi-Meet Welcome Page listens on Port 8443.
Organisator Authentification to create a Conference is enabled with Password, Users can openly join.
Etherpad is enabled.
As Iam running into the same problems whilst configuration as most of you guys I just wanted to give something back to this userspace.
Feel free to use the sample config as you need it.

For a quick deploy I came also up with some Admin Wrapper-Scripts:

Cheers from Hannover, Germany

Welcome to the Jitsi Meet forums and thanks for sharing this!

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