Sample application showing Jitsi Videobridge usage[apart from jitsi-meet]


I have followed guide to install jitsi-meet on my machine and could run the application in browser.

I am trying to do a sample POC of using jitsi-videobridge for video/audio conferencing

First of all is it possible? and if yes can you point to some material/links.
Please correct my understanding if wrong

Thanks In advance

Hi and welcome

What do you mean by POC?

Hey Damencho,

Thanks for the prompt reply.
By POC, I mean a simple application showing basic join and leave (audio/video) meeting functionalities.
Like, for example I want to develop an app in java, how can I move ahead?


There is iframe api
And mobile sdk
If you want a custom UI, lib-jitsi-meet is the library used for both web and mobile, but you need to build a lot on it.

If you say java, as java on desktop, that is not possible, the approach there is to use jitsi-meet-electron project, which uses the iframe api.

Thanks, I’ll check these links :slight_smile:

One more question, is it possible to use only jitsi-videobridge in application without using jitsi-meet?
If yes, what are the libs involved for communication with JVB.(I read there is colibri for that)
Also, please let me know if it is feasible to develop communication around JVB without using jitsi-meet like in terms of efforts .


You can use just jvb for multistreaming, but you need to handle the logic from jicofo(or at least have similar), on the next step you need to handle all the webrtc logic and browser differences, and the communication to the focus component the stuff that is already in lib-jitsi-meet. And at last all the UI part, which is also not negligible …
And if you are gone to support this app you will need to follow the changes in the browsers and update the webrtc part as browser change (every few weeks there is an update), things we are doing and keeping lib-jitsi-meet up to date.
The repos I mentioned above you can check for the amount of code, but those were done by a dozen of people for almost 5 years now…