Same videobridge for 2 server

how may i use the same vbr for 2 server?
I want to have one server with local vbr and coturn,
but i want o use this vbr as expansion für a second jistsi server.
what do i have to change?


That does not help.
Certainly i already did rtfm.
And it does NOT answer my question.
I dont want to add more vbs to one server, but i want more server to use one bridge.

IIRC you need to duplicate the following lines for the second JMS on /etc/jitsi/videobridge/


If the design requires separate VBR servers for some reason, that means that each can only own a particular repo, and the other cannot. So, you would have to import the repo or have periodical rescans of that repo to get updated inventory.

As @emrah wrote earlier, you can have 1 JVB connected and available to 2 Jitsi Meet instances, you just need to edit the JVB’s file and add additional “org.jitsi.videobridge.xmpp.user” block, with the correct details of the other shard - hostname (can be IP address of the Meet over there), domain (the auth domain in Prosody over there), username & password (for the jvb user in prosody), MUC JID and MUC nickname.

For each new such entry you need to change the “shard” string - so the new block will have for example:
“org.jitsi.videobridge.xmpp.user.meetservernumber2” in each of it’s lines.

The “shard” string is unique per shard (per meet platform) and the MUC nicknames are unique per JVBs in the same shard.