Same user showing more than one time in call

same user showing more than one time in call.

steps to reproduce:

  1. Join call
  2. Go to PIP mode
  3. Close app
  4. click cross on PIP call window
  5. Reopen app and join call. it will increase the user every time we follows the steps.

Ref video link: Screenrecorder-2022-11-17-12-09-19-753.mp4 - Google Drive

Please respond immediacy and provide the resolution.


If you close the app without properly hanging up then of course you’ll see the old “ghost” participant. It may take up to 1m to disappear.

In case of ios, it is disappearing within 1 minute but in case of android, it is not disappearing even after 1 minute. i m using latest version 6.2.2