Same user available multiple times in call screen

Hey! I’ve been trying to implement Jitsi Conference and everything works fine except this one thing.
Suppose I’m on an Android device and there’s some ongoing conference and I suddenly switch network from (Say I switch from Wifi to Cellular Data), the old instance of user exist on the conference and now I can see my username twice on the screen.
I have extended the JitsiMeetActivity into a custom activity.
Any light on this?

And if you wait up to 60 seconds the second one disappears right?

Nope, it stays there permanently, even after a week I can see a lot of users in the room.
Is there a way I can specify a unique identity of the user when initiating the JitsiMeetActivity?

So there is a problem with your deployment or something else is going on.
The signalling goes over bosh, bosh has a default timeout of 60 seconds, this means if there is no communication for 60 seconds the participant is removed from that room.
Which prosody version are you using?