Same or different jvb user/pass for multiple videobridge OCTO setup?


I didn’t find a clear answer to this topic, so I decided to ask. Thank you!

I have a working setup with OCTO and 5 dedicated videobridges (jvb1…jvb5). At this time we only use 1 region, but we will have several.

We want to split same conference users across all the videobridges.

  1. Let’s assume I want 5 users on every videobridge, so when the sixth member joins it will be sent to the next free videobridge.


User 1,2,3,4,5 => jvb1
User 6,7,8,9,10 => jvb2
…and so on.

Works like charm and every videobridge is filled as expected.

  1. We should share the same Username and Password across all videobridges?
    What are the differences between single jvb username vs multiples?

Because using different usernames/password it still works and splits users nicely and provides detailed graphs for every JVBxx. Using same user/pass only provides a single graph for jvb1.

JVB1 /etc/jitsi/videobridge/


JVB2 /etc/jitsi/videobridge/


  1. In a 20 user meeting, if a bridge stops (lets say jvb2) what will happen if they share user/password? It will happen the same if every videobridge has a different username?

  2. Using the same user/pass across all the videobridges provides better performance?

Thank you!

There is no logic behind the username and password, it is just jvb to be able to authenticate and then join the brewery room. You can use a single username and pass for all jvbs. What matters is the nickname, which needs to be unique.

We create all instances from the same image (template) on an auto-scaling scenario. So it’s easy to manage only one account for JVBs

Thank you.

Thank you.

Every instance reports their own statistics based on their nickname or you just have a single agreggated statistic?

We use the Jicofo log, not the JVB log directly…

Jicofo log analyzer

We gather the grafana Jitsi data from the jitsi stats:

curl -v

We use the Jicofo log, not the JVB log directly…

Thank you. We will check the Jicofo Log analyzer.