Same Jitsi-Meet instance with multiple domain names

Hello all,

I would like to use one Jitsi-Meet instance but with multiple domain names. For instance, jitsi.internal.local for internal users and for external users. I want both users to communicate with each other, is that possible ? or Jitsi works with only one domain name ?



All the domain names used are internal.
You basically want deployment accessible through different domains.
You just need to configure those domains in nginx and add the domain that is configured in config.js to be passed as a host on all bosh connection requests.
This way you can add a hundred domains in nginx and all will lead to the same deployment.

Instead of $http_host pass - whatever is in config.js hosts.domain.
And change config.js for bosh to use the requested url (so it will support all urls):
bosh: '//<!--# echo var="http_host" -->/<!--# echo var="subdir" default="" -->http-bind'


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Thank you @damencho

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sorry to warm up an old thread but is this still working for any of you? I tried to modify our config.js with the line given by @damencho but the code insertion is never parsed (what language is that even?). Error console instead reports about an unresolved name when trying to make sense out of the raw string:

I found the multi domain examples on Github but I couldn’t make them work either.
Anything obvious I’m missing?


Check this thread… it has to do with ssi or SERVER_NAME

you have to enable server side include in your virtualhost config

Also installing latest from unstable on a machine with no webserver installed or just nginx will enable multidomain setup.

Thanks for your answers, that definitely shed some light on it. It’s an nginx server, the installation is pretty vanilla, out of the debian packages. The virtual host created by the installer already enables ssi and even if I add it to every single location it isn’t working.

Nice to know that its preconfigured in future versions! It makes sense to share the service but people are picky about branding and familiar domain names unfortunately.

I had to add this to make it work. My earlier post had incorrect information

ssi_types *;

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What did you do to get this working?

  1. I’ve created a separate nginx config for my second domain.
  2. As per @damencho the proxy_set_header Host has been changed to the host to match the host in the config.js file.
  3. The config file has had the bosh line changed to bosh: '//<!--# echo var="http_host" -->/<!--# echo var="subdir" default="" -->http-bind'
  4. As per user reset ssi is already on in the nginx confg as this is a pretty new install.

What this results in is both domains with a room on the end load a gray web page instead of the typically jitsi room. Any suggestions?

Check Javascript Console in the browser what errors do you see?

@damencho I am an idiot and forgot the ‘,’ at the end of the new BOSH line. However with that now I have an issue with always being disconnected on domain2, domain1 is working normally. Screen shot with the javascript console attached.

Yep you have 404 from bosh, it should look like:

Hi @damencho,
I have installed latest jitsi meet using apt install jitsi meet command. it working fine for single domain. I want to add multiple domain how to add or do that. can help me from were to start and file name if path provide very help full.


Hi @ssm3e30
I have also followed same and I have added ‘,’ everything looks good, I am getting same error did you resolved your that issue, if you resolved the issue please share me the how to fix that.
How about second domain ssl, I am getting ssl error.

Thanks .

You’ll need to get an SSL certificate for your second domain, and change your server config to use that certificate fo traffic coming to that second domain.

Thanks Neil_Brown. So I can use let’s encrypt to create the ssl for second domain but its sub domain only (ex first doamin second domain I didnt got the second point change browser config, can you please let me know where to change.

Thanks again


You’ll need to duplicate your current domain’s server config, and create one for the new domain, replacing all the references in it to your old domain with references to your new domain. (But leave the bosh reference to your old domain, I think. I haven’t tried it myself.)

thanks for the quick reply, I have not replace my second domain name in which I copied from first doamin.
let me try that. but in jitsi meet installed let’s encrypt and script do you want me to use that script or certbot command.