Same Jitsi-Meet instance with multiple domain names

Hello all,

I would like to use one Jitsi-Meet instance but with multiple domain names. For instance, jitsi.internal.local for internal users and for external users. I want both users to communicate with each other, is that possible ? or Jitsi works with only one domain name ?


All the domain names used are internal.
You basically want deployment accessible through different domains.
You just need to configure those domains in nginx and add the domain that is configured in config.js to be passed as a host on all bosh connection requests.
This way you can add a hundred domains in nginx and all will lead to the same deployment.

Instead of $http_host pass - whatever is in config.js hosts.domain.
And change config.js for bosh to use the requested url (so it will support all urls):
bosh: '//<!--# echo var="http_host" -->/<!--# echo var="subdir" default="" -->http-bind'

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