Safari with p2p gives other LD resolution

We always had problems with safari, but now I realized, that it is the same on meet.jitsi:
Resolution is fine for the safari user, but the other always gets LD only.
This happens only with two participants in p2p mode, as soon as a third participant joins, the resolution changes and adapts to the bandwidth.

I know this is not the most common type of a jitsi conference, but in our case (therapy sessions) the prevalent situation:

  • most conferences are two participants only
  • we advise participants to use chromium based browser, but many use safari or firefox nevertheless
  • we cannot recommend downloading and using the app

We have seen this, and we think its a browser bug but we need to debug it more and file a bug for the browser. We will get to it at some point when time permits. Thank you.

Thank you for the info.
Mitigation would be highly appreciated, it affects approximately one third of all of our conferences.

Yep, we reverted the p2p there till we fix all the problems. Available now in unstable and will hit soon stable.

btw. the issue is possibly related to simulcast.
In our previous version 2.0.5390 with simulcast disabled, the others always receive LD from safari user. No difference between 2 or 3 users.

I am still searching for some proper solution.

Thanks for sharing!