Safari on IPAD ios 13 does'nt show app promo page

I deployed my own jitsi meet server using latest stable version from ubuntu repository, compiling the latest stable web app ( [1.0.4289], 4857, 20 July)
Safari, running on my ipad (7th generation, ios 13.5.1) opening a video conference url (, does’nt show the app promo page, but its behavoiur is like a desktop browser.
Instead, Chrome on the same ipad shows the app promo page, suggesting to download the app.
It’s seem that the following code (from react/features/deek-linking/functions.js) is not honoured

export function getDeepLinkingPage(state) {

if (isMobileBrowser()) {
const mobileAppPromo = typeof interfaceConfig === ‘object’ &&
return Promise.resolve(
typeof mobileAppPromo === ‘undefined’ || Boolean(mobileAppPromo)
? DeepLinkingMobilePage : NoMobileApp);


In fact, if I modify the following row
if (isMobileBrowser()) { // mobile
in this way
if (isMobileBrowser() || true) { // mobile
The app promo page is showed by Safari (and naturally from the desktop browsers too …)

isMobileBrowser fails on Safari running on Ipad because with the introduction of iOS version 13, both the iPad and Desktop Safari browser use the same User Agent by default.
Switching from desktop to mobile mode in iPad (Settings > Safari > Request Desktop Website = OFF),
IsMobileBrowser works fine