Safari not anymore supported?

When opening a jitsi meet start page since the latest update (jitsi-meet 2.0.6726-1) we get a

“It looks like you’re using a browser we do not support. Please try again with the latest version of Chrome or Firefox”

I double checked that we have safari in the interface_config.js

OPTIMAL_BROWSERS: [ 'chromium', 'edge', 'firefox', 'nwjs', 'electron', 'safari' ],

Same is true for the service.

Well, my test iPhone 6 has a rather old OS version 12.5.5.

We would like to show the recommendedBrowsers.html page to recommend using the Jitsi app, but that page is not called in this case.

I found the answer in the release notes:

fix(browser) Mark safari <14 as unsupported

Would be nice, if recommendedBrowsers.html page is shown so that we can tell users what the problem is and what they can do (install the app).