Running Jitsi with an admin panel invite system


I’m looking to run a Jitsi setup for a church as an alternative to zoom to keep expenditures low and I’ve done a fair bit of research into the iframe API. However the backend leaves me with some questions.

As I plan to host both Jitsi & the Admin panel (built w/ Laravel) within docker, I was planning to use our own database (Postgres) to manage small meetings as I wish to do the following:

  • Allow an admin of a group to create, and manage meetings with invite codes and passwords.

  • The passwords will be stored in our own database.

  • When a user logs into meeting via the frontend app, it will authenticate the meeting via a Laravel API before allowing the user to connect to the Jitsi Meeting.

Is all of this do-able or is there a simpler way of me going about this?

Thanks in advance

Consider your own deployment.