Running Jitsi web client or app on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Attaching a webcam to a smart TV is typically unsupported. Getting the Jitsi web client or app to run on the TV is another adventure by itself, see this abandoned thread:

Recently certain devices are starting to appear on the market, that are some sort of a smart TV with attached webcam. One is the LG 43HT3WJ:

This one happens to run “Windows 10 IoT Enterprise (Basic)” instead of webOS which is normally found on LG smart TVs.

A device which already has a built-in video camera, and purportedly OS-level support for it as well, would be an attractive place where to install Jitsi clients.

Any idea ?

Turns out it’s actually a webOS 4.1 (!) TV with an integrated PC:

with these specs:

The AMD Ryzen Embedded R1505G is a 3 years old, 2-core, 3.3GHz CPU with integrated graphics (Radeon Vega 3 GPU). The architecture is amd64.

A bit anemic, with 2 cores, but the hardware could be capable of running meetings, if (and it’s a big if) you can run some custom software or website on it.

Reading from “USER MANUAL LG Digital Signage” the preferred way to install custom SW is via the Microsoft Store:

alternatively there is a browser, for example Google Meet is supported in the browser:

If google meet works with a web link then so should jitsi meet!