Running Jitsi Meet on Development Server


I am using Windows 10.

I want to add some new components to the React part of the Jitsi Meet. I am facing difficulty running a development server. I cloned the github repo for jits / jitsi-meet and then npm install && make dev
I got the following error and I am not sure what to do:

Turning Firewall off worked for it. However, my on my Visual Studio Code’s integrated terminal I am notified that make command is not found:


try sudo apt-get install -y make
then make to build or make dev to debug

Git Bash on Windows 10 doesn’t recognize sudo command as well.

I installed WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and now running my VS Code remote using WSL extension.
After running make dev it complains that css/all.css is not found

I was able to run on wsl by taking care of following steps.

  1. Take the latest jitsi-meet clone and make sure the folder jitsi-meet is not read-only checking from explorer.
  2. Make sure you have the Node LTS installed properly in your wsl Linux environment.
  3. Run the commands from the root user with all permissions