Running jitsi-meet from a subdirectory on Ubuntu using Apache webserver

I’ve installed jitsi-meet on an Apache webserver running on Ubuntu 18.04 bionic
and would like to run it out of a subdirectory and not as the root.
So, for example, if my server is SERVER,
then my jitsi-meet url is “SERVER/jitsi-meet”.

I created an alias to the jitsi-meet directory in my webserver’s config file:
Alias “/jitsi-meet” “/usr/share/jitsi-meet”

I also created aliases for config.js, external_api.js, and http-bind as well.

In the jitsi-meet directory, I modified base.html, changing “/” to “/jitsi-meet/”.

When I navigate to my jitsi-meet URL, I see the default start a meeting page.
But when I click the “Go” button, the server returns a 404 Not found page.

So if the meeting’s name is “WishThisWouldWork”, the URL is:


I am obviously missing some other config setting, but can’t for the life of me see what it is.
Searching Google and these forums have turned up some helpful hints but nothing has worked so far.
What am I missing?

Hi krisptcode!

I followed the following instruction to running Jitsi from a subfolder.

Try it, I hope that it will work for you.