Running Jicofo from eclipse jibri status getting unidentified


I have been trying to run jicofo source code with eclipse. (OS:Ubuntu 16.04,jicofo: [latest release 444]
I have passed program arguments with values (domain, secret,user_domain, user_name=focus,user_password) in run configuration.
It runs successfully gets connected to prosody. It also gets jibri connection event Added brewery instance.
but then Received Jibri status
and log info like this Jibri status is undefined after this log shows
/jibri-nickname went offline

not getting what causing this issue.


So I found this strange, Jicofo src(latest stable) running with eclipse shows jibri connected and also do recording when jibri version is below 6.0.59-1 when I try with jibri 6.0.59-1 it simply connects and goes to offline mode.
Any body knows why?


This had been commented in several other threads. Latest stable should runnwith jibri 58. Latest jibri should run with latest from unstable.
We will soon update stable, so this incompatibility will be gone.


Thanks damencho for the information.