Running Jibri on a different host (Docker setup)

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Firewalls and domain names must match, that makes sense. But how would the rest be if this is on a different system. Of course this is needed as well on the Docker host.

But after that it’s simply docker-compose -f jibri.yml and make sure the recorder username (JIBRI_RECORDER_USER) and password (JIBRI_RECORDER_PASSWORD) are the same in both environments? Is it really that simple? The Jibri instance will simply connect to the main Jitsi instance and that’s all it needs for the setup?

Because then I’ll open up these ports on my desktop PC and test it out. My Jitsi server doesn’t have enough cores to sustain recordings for longer than 5 minutes.

What is the issue that you are facing ?

Is it connecting to your prosody after opening the ports ?

I just want to confirm if this is all that’s needed. I’ll try it out soon. But I couldn’t find details about such a setup.

I see in the thread I referred to in the top post that port TCP/5222 needs to be open. That’s Prosody, which the documentation states “The XMPP server can be exposed to the outside world, but that’s out of the scope of this project”

Does anyone know if there is more documentation about this?

Or share some experiences?

I guess I’ll just have to fly blind :slight_smile:

I didn’t try the Docker installation but when there is a standalone Jibri machine

  • JMS’ TCP/5222 has to be accessable by the jibri server

  • JMS’ FQDN has to be resolvable on the jibri server

  • the same prosody passwords have to be set on the jibri server too. Both for jibri and recorder accounts…

  • The Jibri instance has to have a unique nickname for control-muc

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Thanks for specifying these details. I’ll check the docker-compose setup and the entry scripts to see how I can manipulate this in Docker. But that will be in a few weeks. This was just a preliminary check up on the requirements and existing documentation. Once I know more, I’ll update this thread.