Run several jibri services on the same server

How can I run several jibri services on the same server? are there any options besides using dockers? maybe I can “clone” the jibri service (but with a different name, for example jibri_new) and start several services with commands:

service jibri start

service jibri_new start


in this case, how can I specify the path to its configuration files for the jibri_new service?


What is the problem with Docker? What are your limitations?
Is LXC suitable for you?

docker banned by my company policy

If LXC is OK, see this guide

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thank u very much!

Could you tell me where I need to start? it’s not entirely clear from your link where to start. I have ubuntu 20.04

The guide is for Debian Buster (10), it’s not suitable for Ubuntu.
The start point is to install or create a Debian Buster machine without the desktop enviroment, only the standard packages…