Run Android sample with AndroidStudio on Windows

Hi everyone,
I’ve downloaded the sdk with examples and I’m trying to run the android sample on windows. After the setup i’ve got a build with android-studio working, but when i try to run on the device i’ve got “Create Process error=193 %l is not a valid win32 application”.
I found on line 152 on the gradle (app): commandLine(“scripts/”). I know that .sh is for Linux, so I’ve downloaded bash for windows with nmap, then I tryed to create a .bat than run “sh” and I’ve replaced on gradle, but it fails (exit code 1)…
If I try to run the .sh on bash (on windows) i’ve got different errors like “nc: command not found” or “${BASH_SOURCE[0]}: bad substitution”.
Am I missing something? Shall I try to rewrite all the .sh into .bat?

Thank you for the support!

use mac or linux…nobody use windows anymore for development…:smile: