Ruby in Jicofo?

I noticed that there is Ruby installed in the jitsi/jicofo base image and there a few gems as well. i wanted to know where this is coming from.
I took a look at the Dockerfiles, but couldn’t find anything related.

Would really appreciate the help.

jicofo has a dependency to ruby-hocon package which is a ruby application. jicofo uses HOCON configuration files.

I see I see. Thanks. Same case with jvb and jibri?


Got it. Can you tell me where this is being added as a dependency in the jitsi code base?

It’s part of the Debian package dependencies.

What do you mean? It is a dependency in the control files of the deb packages. It is also being used by debian postinst scripts, to (re)configure the jvb.conf, jicofo.conf, jibri.conf files.

for example - jvb control, jvb postinst, etc.

Ah. Understood. Thanks guys.